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High Definition Television

The Creation, Development and Implementation of HDTV Technology

by Philip J. Cianci


I would like to express my thanks to all those who furnished input.

Marcel Annegarn, Jay Ballard, Stan Baron, Tom Beauchamp, Jeffery Bird, C. R. Caillouet, Alan Cavallerano, Claudio Ciacci, Mike Croll, Robert Cohen, Aldo Cugnini, Randall Dark, Birney Dayton, Gary Demos, Peter Fannon, Paul Gardiner, Branko Gerovac, Joseph Glaab, Bill Glenn, Richard Green, Tom Gurley, Jeff Hamilton, Bob Hopkins, Brad Hughes, Keiichi Kubota, Mike Liebhold, John Luff, John Mailhot, Bill Miller, Barry Minnerly, Joe Nadan, David Niles, Russell Neuman, Charlie Pantuso, Charles Poynton, Robert Rast, Glenn Reitmeier, Charlie Rhodes, David Rosenberg, Mark Schubin, Jim Servies, Andy Setos, Gary Sgrignoli, Richard Shen, Joe Snelson, James Snyder, Richard Jay Solomon, Mike Strein, Peter Symes, Ted Szypulski, Larry Thorpe, John Turner, Dennis Wallace, John Weaver, S. Merrill Weiss, Richard Wiley, Ed Williams, and Kees van Zon.

I am grateful for assistance from indirect contributors: Dave Shaw, Nat Ostroff, Mark Aiken, Victor Tawil, David Wood, Paul Meisner and Rupert Stow, and to my Philips colleagues, Karl Witting, Olu Akawami-Assani, Mikhail Tsinberg, and Matthew Brennesholtz along with John Eberhard at ESPN - each added a detail here and there. And to Carlo Basile, Wayne Luplow and Jae Lim, who were kind enough to help resolve an issue or two.

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